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Company parties in Tallinn

The best party venue in Tallinn

If you are looking for a party room in Tallinn, where you can organize a memorable company party, then our rooms are ideal for that.

Rent a party room with a sauna

The rooms of our sauna club can accommodate a team of up to 20 members. The rooms are spread over two floors with a jacuzzi and a bar and lounge area. Thanks to the spaciousness and space, you are also free to organize great party games.

For the active and sporty the rooms also have large TVs on both floors of the sauna club, where you can watch your favorite sports and enjoy a cold beer or cider.

Our VIP Sauna, which can comfortably accommodate 10-12 people, may be very suitable for a smaller group for a smaller party. The VIP Sauna has a comfortable relaxation area, a steam room and, of course, a jacuzzi.

If you have been to the sauna, but the party is still going, you can continue to party very easily. As we are located in the heart of Tallinn, you can walk to the most popular clubs in a few minutes. At the same time, the bolder can take their steps immediately to our The Score rooms, the erotic and football lounge, which are located in the same building.

In addition, we can organize free tickets to the Venus Club in the same building as us. Come and have your company party with us.

What are the company party catering options?

When renting the saunaclub sauna for a company party, it is not allowed to come with your own food or drink. When renting the VIP Sauna, you can have your own drinks, but not food. You can order snacks from the Arena14 bar on the ground floor of the same building or ask us for a more detailed offer when booking a sauna for your company party.

Do you organize theme parties?

Yes, we also organize theme parties for company parties. If you have something in mind, ask and we will find the best solution together!

How much does a sauna rental in Tallinn cost for a company party?

The hourly price for the sauna club rental is 50 euros, which includes the right to use both floors privately and only for your company. You can rent a sauna for a minimum of 2 hours. The same price list applies to VIP Sauna rental.

For how many people are the rooms suitable for?

Our sauna is suitable for a team of up to 20 people. If you want to come with a very smaller team, the VIP sauna, which can comfortably accommodate 10-12 people, is ideal for you.

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